For tour agencies, hotels and flight ticket offices

Order premium cars in Europe for your clients at special rates.
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How much will you earn?

Amount of orders per month
Your commission from one order
Your income per month will be:
70 000

Simple and convenient car rental experience

Instant contract

Nomadcar lets you choose and book a car within 3 minutes

No requests,
no confirmation

You don’t need to write any requests or wait for the manager's confirmation. All our cars have up-to-date info and are available for on-line booking.

Transparent billing

All financial documents, statistics and reports are available in your personal account.

Advantages for you

Premium service

You offer premium service for your clients and receive additional income of 5% for all days' car rental amount.

Personal account

All order and payment operations are performed using personal account. If your client extends their rental in Europe, you receive additional commission.


We will help you and your clients with any difficulties. We provide quick assistance via our phone-support line: +44 20 3868 3407 .

Advantages for your clients

  • Easy online Booking

    You enter your clients' information into the system and save their time upon arrival

  • Valet Delivery

    Our valet will deliver the car to a convenient place and meet your client

  • Free features

    GPS, Wi-Fi, unlimited mileage, insurance.

  • Personalized service

    You always see what you pay for (rent, insurance, petrol, fines, etc.)